Our Courses

MusicWale provides training programs in different areas of music to ensure the overall development of students with the help of a team of more than ten faculties from different parts of India. They have more than ten years of experience in training and are even more experienced in the music field. 

What makes these programs unique is the fact that they are personalized. This means they are designed according to the interest and level of students i.e beginner, intermediate, or professional level. The purpose of the programs is to motivate people to take music as a career, not just a hobby.

If we talk about singing there’s again a wide range of programs such as formal training, Classical, Sufi, Western, Bollywood songs, Bhajan, etc.

In order to empower people into creating original music and keeping an eye on the MISSION MILLION MUSICIANS,  Musicwale has collaborated with Originum, which is a record label and has developed advanced programs in Songwriting, Music mixing, and mastering, Photography & Videography courses. They are originally very costly but Musicwale offers them at a nominal price.

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