Music Scholarship

At Musicwale our mission is to create one million musicians in the coming 3 years. Now we understand that sometimes for some students, their financial conditions don’t allow them to have professional education in music. 

At Music wale we want to transform that. We’ve Launched our Music scholarship program in 2020. Through this program, the possibility that we created is that money will not stop any of our students from learning music. 

We provide upto 100% scholarships (upto 3,00,000/- every year) on all Online programs of Musicwale. The student can get the form on our facebook page and from there they can easily apply for the scholarship. The entries to the program open once in the year around the month of July. After submission of the forms the candidates are asked to appear for an interview which in turn decides whether their applications will be accepted or not. The purpose of the interview is just to make sure that maximum students in need get the benefits of the scholarship program. 

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